Wow, what a week it has been. 

My plan was to send an update tonight announcing my single release later this week. I'm still going to do that but first... 

I've heard the word unprecedented an unprecedented amount of times and things are changing fast. It can be difficult to find the balance between overreaction and irresponsible denial. What we do know is that we must do what we can do protect the vulnerable.  The next weeks and months will be hard for everyone. 

Remember you are not alone. We are all in this together. I'm posting a link to an instagram video of mine. I was reminded of these words earlier today and feel like I'm not the only one who needs to hear them. Please take a minute to listen and let the words touch your heart. 

Click here to watch "You Are Not Alone" video 

Oh yeah and my new single will be out on Friday.  Stay tuned! 

Be kind to yourself and everyone else and remember we were made for love! 

- Tara

New Album Update 

I am pleased to announce that recording of my new album is well underway.  This is my third album but the first I’ve produced, engineered and mixed all on my own.

At times I find myself overwhelmed by the sheer reality of the task and wonder, do I really have what it takes to pull this off? But there are also moments when I know for certain I’m creating something special. Moments when I am struck by how true these songs feel. Moments when I realize how rare and powerful it is for a musician, especially a female musician, to have full creative control in this way.  I’m leaning into these moments. 

I can’t wait to share these songs with you.


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