One of the most vibrant and pensive songwriters emerging”

— Richard May of the Songwriter's TV Series

Tara Craig

Tara Craig captivates audiences with a huge voice that is equal parts soulful and vulnerable. Her songs drip with imagery and are delivered with palpable emotional intensity.  Her immersive, vocally-driven, indie-folk-pop songs have the ability to give a voice to the unspoken places within the heart.  

In 2007, Tara Craig moved her music career to the "Live Music Capital of the World", Austin TX.  Where she quickly began to stand out from the crowd.  In 2010, Tara’s fans nominated her for a Roary Award for "Best Female Musician”.  Tara was up against some tough competition including, Erin Ivey and Kat Edmonson. But Tara’s fans rallied their votes sending Tara away with the coveted Golden Armadillo and the title of,  Austin's "Best Female Musician".   

 Throughout her career, Tara has played hundreds of shows in a wide variety of venues and she continues to hone her craft. Whether in a crowded bar backed by a full band or on the streets of a sleepy beach town, the strength and vulnerability Tara shares through her music resonate.

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What people are saying

"When you see her live there's this amazing sensation that her voice is the only instrument you need to hear, sort of now... or ever." Charlie Cheney 

"One of the most vibrant and pensive songwriters emerging." - Richard May, Songwriter's TV Series 

"Tara’s lyrics are crisp and cutting edge as she drives a powerful message." - Monty Chandler, Charlotte Music Examiner

“Tara Craig, one talented and wonderful explosion that dazzles the eyes like fireworks, melts in your mouth like lemon drops and drops your jaw with melodic notes that carry you down the road on air long after the lights dim and the show is over.” - fan quote

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