From the album FAWM 2018

My songs this year definently have an “introspective, meditative feel” to quote fellow FAWMwe @kahlo2013 and here’s another to add to the mix.

This song was born out straight out of my yoga and meditation practice. As I stretch and pay attention to the breath, I become aware of places in my body where I’m holding tension, places where my “breath get’s stuck”. Last night my left hip was one of those places. As I sat with the feeling, deep in a stretch I asked my self, as is often my practice, what I am I holding onto here? The response was anger and resentment. As I wrestled with this anger, wrestled with why I couldn’t seem to let it go these lyrics emerged, “Have you ever wrestled with forgiveness cause it felt unjust to forgive? Have you ever felt the grudge you carry down deep in your hips? I know it’s hard, just let go.”

I finished my meditation then grabbed the guitar and wrote this song in one take. It has been edited (poorly) otherwise it’d be about 9 minutes long, lol. But it’s all the original take just with long instrumental guitar sections removed.