From the album FAWM 2016


My first song for the month is a co-write with Morten Maehre. I've worked with Morten before. During FAWM 2014 we collaborated on the track "Gasoline" and were both pleased with our results. This year when I read his lyrics for "Stuff Like That" I knew instantly that I wanted to write music for them.

I spent a lot of time with the lyrics, treating them almost like an actor would a script. I created a back story and tried to 'get into character' with my musical delivery. The context I came up with is a woman sitting down and talking with a friend about her marriage. She's starts by making excuses, then starts venting. She ends up being more honest about things than she had planned and maybe more honest than she has ever been about the state of her marriage. I wanted this to feel like we were listening to her side of of the conversation.

Not sure if I achieved that or not but it was a great challenge.

Stuff Like That
Lyrics © Morten Maehre 2016
Music, Recording and Cover Art © Tara Craig

Her and me got together too young
and we really haven’t talked for too long
I know we should sit down and have a chat
but neither of us are quite ready for that

Our atmosphere is thick with rain
I hear unspoken words in my brain
Stuff like that...
really drives me insane

The silence between us is way too loud
and I guess we’re both a little too proud
Speaking our minds makes us afraid
This ain’t no journey, more like a crusade

The elephant in our room is bright pink
and I haven't even had my first drink
Stuff like that...
really makes me think

We walk on needles and laugh when we should
Don’t ask how it’s going, we’ll tell you it’s good
Denial is great until it hits the fan
and leaves a shattered woman and man

We circle ‘round like frightened birds
Her body language is four letter words
Stuff like that...
is quite absurd
Yeah, stuff like that...
is quite absurd