From the album FAWM 2016

Another co-write. These lyrics are by @quillwraith.

The writing process for this song was very different for me. I didn't play one instrument not even a single chord during the entire process. I think this is the first time I've ever done that. The vocals were recorded in one-take. My goal was to convey a feeling of emptiness and beauty. Looking forward to your thoughts.

Empty Things

He drinks all his tea, the cup is empty
Writes all night ’til his pen runs out of ink
sent him a package, so he opened it up
and threw the box away
He lives in a house but he doesn’t love empty things

In the morning he wakes, the bed is empty
He has a voice but he doesn’t know what to sing
the glass is half-full, and half is enough
but half won’t last the day
He’s sometimes wise but he doesn’t love empty things

Words to fill his journal, and songs to fill the air
packed his bags and shoes on, but he’s going nowhere
dinner and a full moon and books to fill his mind

He draws a full house playing with a full deck
But there’s still something missing
The sky is blue but he doesn’t love empty things

© lyrics by @quillwraith 2016
© music, recording and album art by Tara Craig 2016