From the album FAWM 2016

Music by © Tara Craig 2016
Artwork "Bernie Sanders: Together," by © Jermaine Rogers

Here’s the simple truth that in America we have millions and millions of working people who are working hard but are not making enough to put bread on the table and take care of their kids
and that has got end

Today all over America you’ve got mom working you’ve got dad working
occasionally we have the kids working and we still don’t have enough money to pay the bills
Something is fundamentally wrong I believe

We’ve got a message to the billionaire class
Yes we have the guts
To take you on

The cost of war is real it is terrible
I believe, I believe that war should be the last resort not the first resort

When young people and working people and seniors stand up and say loudly and clearly
enough is enough

Our government, the government of our great country belongs to all of us and not just a handful of billionaires when that happens we will transform this country.
Thank you all very much

- Bernie Sanders