One of the most vibrant and pensive songwriters emerging ”

— Richard May, Songwriters TV Series

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Hello friends,

In the next few months my mom's battle with cancer will come to an end. We know God can heal. However even if God does not choose to heal her in this life we know that ultimate and eternal healing will come in Heaven. I will be taking a step back from performing and music in general to spend as much time with her and my family as possible. You can find out more about my mom, her 11-year battle with cancer and how you can help here: Standing with Laura.  

My family and I appreciate your love and support.  

Live your life and life it abundantly.  Don't let this news be a bummer for you instead, let it be a reminder of how precious this one life is.  Fill it with love! 

Love you all,


Tara Craig captivates audiences with a huge voice that is equal parts soulful and vulnerable. Her songs drip with imagery and are delivered with palpable emotional intensity. From epic spirituals to intimate ballads, there's a timeless quality to Tara's sound. While there is tremendous variety in her songs, they're tied together by her vivid storytelling, unfiltered honesty and an ability to give a voice to the unspoken places within the heart.

Throughout her career Tara has played hundreds of shows in a wide variety of venues and she continues to hone her craft. Whether in a crowded bar backed by a full band or on the streets of a sleepy beach town, the strength and vulnerability Tara shares through her music resonates.